Why Choose Us?

At The Vision Technician we are Qualified Security Engineers. We Specialize in CCTV Systems. Matthew is Qualified in "INTRUDER AND HOLD-UP ALARM SYSTEMS DESIGN AND PLANNING" also. We believe the best way in running a company like ours by instilling trust into the customer. We would never recommend a system you would never need. We can advise, but at the end of the Day we believe the Customer has to be the one to decide. 

  • Entry Level

    Supply & install

    2 Cameras

    4 Channel Recorder

    Mobile App

    1 Month Record Time

    24 Month Warranty



  • Most Popular

    • 4 Cameras

    • 4 Channel Recorder

    • 1 Month Recording

    • Mobile App 

    • 36 Month Warranty



  • Top Package 

    Supply & Install

    • 8 Cameras

    • 8 Channel Recorder

    • Mobile App with Push Notifications

    • 1 Month Record Time

    • 36 Month Warranty



  • Entry Level Systems

    This is great if you have a limited Budget. For 2MP or 3MP cameras, this entry level is Full HD. With over 30 different cameras there is so many options for the price. Choose between a AHD/TVi system or if you have a little more budget, a IP POE System. All with True Night Vision. All our Systems come with a min 2 Year Parts Guarantee. Please feel free to contact us for more info.


  • Mid Range Level Systems

    Perfect for MId - Large Sized Property. Residential or Business. Spec Range from 4MP to 6MP (Ultra HD). With AHD and IP systems available, we are confident we have the system for you. All True Night Vision.  5MP up comes with a 3 Year Parts Guarantee too. 



  • Top Level Systems

    Top of the range CCTV systems is the ultimate. Spec Starts from 8MP to 12MP (4K). Closest thing to the human eye, the Clarity on the video is unbelievable. With These systems the spec is too much to list.



  • Technology

    All our CCTV Systems can be connected to any mobile device. So where ever you are in the world, you will be able to keep one eye on your Property.  We are also able to provide Intruder Alarms, Video Doorbells, Locks etc.  

Coming soon In 2021...

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