Vision Technician - Deep Cleans

We Provide Our Deep Cleaning Services to all Businesses Effected by the recent Coronavirus Outbreak in the Country. We provide a deep clean which includes Fogging to Offices, Leisure Centres, Schools, Nursery's , Care Homes. We also offer it to Residential for ones who are shielding or  ones with underlying health problems.


The process of a deep Clean

This Process involves blasting a fog of fine mist into the air which eliminates all pathogens present. The mist leaves a deposit on all surface areas including areas that are difficult to reach through conventional cleaning. The airborne disinfectant micro-droplets are attracted to land underneath, on top of and on the sides of surfaces in the same way that pathogenic microbes do.

The fogging mist can remain in the air long enough to kill airborne viral and bacterial contamination. Walls, ceilings, floors, carpets, soft fabrics and hard surfaces are all subjected to the fogging process, which leaves an anti-viral, anti-bacterial coating on surfaces and kills 99.999% of pathogens within seconds.


All touchpoints and hard surfaces are wiped clean using a professional viricide solution before the fogging process.


We Can Also Clean Carpets , and upholstery before the fogging process if required. 


When Fogging has taken Place, the location fogged needs to be empty of personnel for at least one hour. 


The Effects of this sanitisation can last up to 8 weeks